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Kevin Hart Claps Back at Katt Williams’ Club Shay Shay Interview on NBA Unplugged


After originally dismissing Cat Williams comments about him Kevin Hart used his NBA and plug CH to further address his fellow comedians explosive Club sh Shay appearance do you entertain the circus or do you watch it hard quii to Krick Perkins after the SPN personality brought up Williams interview

Furthermore heart joke that Williams had bought the New York mix only to return them with a receipt additionally Hart went after Williams comments about being a voracious reader as a child Hart’s first comments about Williams interview came in the form of a tweet which doubled as a promotion for his new movie

Got to get that anger up ATA champ it’s honestly sad in the meantime please enjoy my movie trailer to my next film lift which will be dropping on at Netflix in 8 days there is a moment in the trailer where at duam bavara says they really love you I now know she’s

Talking about Cat Mario Calendar’s world this one is special Hart wrote on X the day after Williams interview aired Gilbert kinz defense Kevin Hart meanwhile Gilbert arenz spoke in defense of Kevin Hart after Cat Williams called hardt an industry plant Arenas explained that heart found success forging a

Career and succeeding in roles that Williams himself admitted to turning down in Arena’s eyes that didn’t make hard a plant but instead someone simply making do it the opportunity ities he could get furthermore Reena questioned why Williams was trying to diminish Hart’s career for accepting the roles that Williams as mentioned had admitted

To not wanting in the first place it echoes some of the comments that Michael blesson made about Williams in his own response too the bombshell interview on Club Shay in a series of tweets blackon argued that while Williams was an all-time grade of Comedy his interview was inflammatory by Design he argued

That Williams was trying to seem relevant and should remember that he is not the Cat Williams of 2005

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