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Blueface and NLE Choppa’s Boxing Match Saga Takes a Turn as Negotiations Hit a Snag


Blueface has continued his pursuit of a boxing match against an Ali choa going as far as to post a fake promotional poster on his social media however blue also claimed that chappa was trying to back out of the fight her posts on Instagram blue appeared to imply that

Chapo was unhappy with the presented fight terms and was trying to dip due to not having the opportunity to negotiate his terms Lou also went after japa for being a Muslim Bon and a however it was actually choa who originally issued the fight challenge let’s box at

Blueface ble them who can set up celebrity boxing match in Vegas me and him hit me ASAP he undefeated versus women I and respect to Angie G that put his hands on him anyway the Memphis Talent wrote on X on January 4th blueface replied finally got one with a

Fishing Emoji blueface says Christian Jr looks like Charles Barkley it’s been a busy few weeks for blue who has been picking fights with just about everyone in the run up to Christmas blue reignited his beef with chrisan rock a video emerged of the rapper saying that their child together Christian Jr looks

Like Charles Barkley blue then res shared the video to his ex page alongside a string of posts expressing his disdain for rock and her constant presence in his life however blue also appeared to imply that Chrissy and Junior was not his son that baby looks nothing like me if Ka she keep forcing

This on me that’s not my child scientifically proven already blue wrote minutes later he res shared the video of him making roasting the child despite these claims fans were unconvinced about Blue’s comments well what was the point of you popping up to her crib that they

Claiming your son was at home with no parents now he not your son one person noted despite repeated claims that he was down with Rock including later tweeting that he was going to get a restraining order against her blue just can’t seem to stop using her to stay in the public eye

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