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Kevin Hart Engages in War of Words with Katt Williams, Drawing Mixed Reactions


Kevin Hart’s latest beef subject is Cat Williams a new opponent who popped up following his lawsuit against hasha K morover you’ve probably heard of Williams discussion sparking interview with Shannon sharp on Club Shay Shay on which he goes at a whole host of Pop Culture figures one of those is Hart Who

Quickly had some words to say about the comedians attacks against him and his career however it seems like a lot of fans were a little disappointed with his clap back or that it wasn’t a very worthwhile effort while Joe Buton by no means named this directly many fans

Still interpreted that this is what he tweeted about on Saturday January 6th could have just not replied Yen La Joe Button wrote on the social media platform of Kevin Hart’s response got to get that anger up ATA champ it’s honestly sad he had tweeted in the meantime please enjoy my movie trailer

To my next film lift which will be dropping on at Netflix in 8 days there is a moment in the trailer where at gamara says they really love you I now know she’s talking about C crying laughing emojis markio Calendar’s world this one is special Joe Buon appears to

React to Kevin Hart’s response to Cat Williams meanwhile Kevin Hart went at Cat Williams again on his NBA and FL show do you entertain the circus or do you watch it he inquired to Kendrick Perkins the four 34-year-old also joked that Williams bought the New York necks

And returned them with a receipt plus some jobs at his comments about being an avid book reader as a child overall it seemed like he backrack his own remarks about this anger management being sad and if he was just trying to joke around and be Li about the topic it didn’t

Really resonate with the crowd still we’re sure that like many other celebrities the night school actor will probably have some more Deep Thoughts to say about all this maybe it will be a more serious and direct response or he’ll stay on the comedy train to match Williams energy with a topic as wide

Yielding and beef provoking as this we doubt it’ll slow down soon

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