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Lil Baby & Saweetie Joining BMF Cast For Season 3


The third season of BMF is almost here and fans couldn’t be more excited for it moreover December’s actually been quite a big month when it comes to this Stars crime drama as 50 Cent shared a new teaser for it right as the month rolled around in addition we also heard news

That the TV series will continue its tradition of incorporating special guests into its cast last season we were graced by performances from lesie Jones em Monique and young Miami for this new season we know that two chains and Neo will be among the featured cameos and we

Just got a whole lot more furthermore on Thursday December 14th it was announced that Lil Baby swii and Real Housewives of Atlanta Alam Cynthia Bailey will join BMF season 3 as guests on the cast overall this is pretty exciting star power especially for the California rapper after all she’s been pretty

Lowkey on the release and headline front so we’re excited to see what she’s been gearing up up for while we patiently wait in fact we also have the 30-year-old’s debut album to look forward to very soon so she’s making a big splash next year Sai Lil Baby and

Cynthia Haley are among bmf’s guests for season 3 I’m for the culture you know the Vibes 50 Cent wrote of his Show’s newest additions to the team on Instagram Two Chains put some work in two this season is fire a little more Atlanta in it let’s go GG

Green light gang what’s more is that the gun at Mogul is also considering where else to take this universe for example he and many others joked about a potential spin-off when news broke of more arrests within the real life BMF do you think that’s a likely outcome

Or did he just go too far with that jab meanwhile the Atlanta trap artist has a new album of his own to look forward to which he’s apparently finishing up hopefully that lands soon because he took a big hit with the lukewarm reception to his last project it’s only

Me but you can never count baby out and we’re excited for what he and many others will bring to BMF for more news and the latest updates on this series Lil Baby swei and its other stars and creatives sticker

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