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NAT STERLING One On One Interview With Omusawo Tintah


Ladies and gentlemen we I’m still in Tanzania and we on set with the man himself not he’s from USA jamaic born born in Jama jamaic born USA between USA and Jamaica my name is gracias and I’m your host Tonight on this show yes sir where do you the and why did you

Okay um I mean par gave me that name I think um it’s sh for I mean our culture I mean in the West Jamaica most of in the Caribbean United States Christian Nation so you know it would happen that you know our parents would give us Christian name

Christian name yeah that’s where I got the name Sterling okay um there are very many General gr up GR up listen to People you know and just to learn from those people remember we GRE up in the church I start see in the church my brother used to just sing church we used to go all over as a kid you know our parents would just let us go and sing at the church like Sunday

Fridays so that’s basically get basically education inspir Church you see the best Al got I got you know so we do just do we grew up so we learn to just sing everything you know what I’m saying and and and way on then then in Jamaica go

To the United States you know and go to school there and everything then you know we start start all the s Sy you know most most a lot of T artist we learn to sing from sound system so that’s where we basically start take on a different in the US recording recording that

One remember back in the days they used to say when you recording you take one you fa they take the mic they take the mic the studio and and and tell the producer oh I can sing you just say go and sing and if you go around here and

And miss you just say got to go he gave you the Trap he gave you the Trap until go home come back and there and then we have to learn the sound system that really gave us the confidence and SP lyrics the song that was real you know okay um you

Got the inspiration from church but um did you look up to some Maj STS in the reg SC that you inspired inspired you more say you know something two person I really because of the message it up and Bas have a lot ofama everybody knowbody say but my favorite two

Favorite artist I read listen to and I know Pur one more female sing Nina Sim those are the People lyrics context those are lyrics those okay let’s talk about they Look the final fincial so much inves dying people in Africa it doesn’t Tak to pay yeah sometime you know sometime it’s not about money you have a culture and within that culture it liberate people from for years and years I don’t think because if you check history hold ontime it’s not about money

It’s not about money all the time over the I see a lot of music come and go and so why would why would I leave that because of money make money right don’t yeah yeah Afric some Do It Go people don’t us we put on the show our all right let me

First go to a short musical a short break then when we come back I’m having he’s a Christian all right welcome back to the show as I told you my name is and I’m having the legend should I man how many the business cou DEC like like you know what I’m

Saying putting out the music and doing the music you know we do music for years let let me let me ask you um since where do you Get And United States west coast of the United States the West one drop is really strong but like in the East Eastern part of the United States like Florida New York City you know Georgia those places they look like Flavor you know what I’m saying they look like yeah I’m saying but otherwi mus

When we want our shows things always okay um let’s talk about um your have you been nominated in a or one um not really not really because you know something I I I you know I don’t really take the music 100 100% I do other things I do other things you know I’m

Saying over the years I do other things I have other business do I’m saying so I’m not really 100 100 100% that you know what I’m saying so I mean and those things for me is that really ah man those thing me I me what it is man all Right keep our culture Most wicked Jamaica right now do with right now and in St them you know what I’m saying and blessing always you know okay before I let you go my other last question is very many people you [Laughter] r Africa is own listen I mean I used to live your life years ago yeah I never I never get up and say I want to leave Africa a slave ship came here and and remember when the slav came here I wasn’t a slave take

People take us and turn so you have a lot of those people how much even if you in the USA even if any black person in the USA in in UK in Europe Africa I say maybe I it is okay it’s okay yeah it is okay it is okay Africa

Africa should like this one block no country 184 18 there was no different part AFC was just region of and different Kingdom this 1884 at the Berlin Conference they cut up so we need to get back that I think I think one with by the way is beautiful okay thank

You so much uh I unless any to the F and how interviews for collaboration which kind of I mean I mean I work with a lot of artist from Africa already you know what I’m saying and and get so he’s the man you know have link Z

You doing music we going to start mus know what I’m saying all right thank you so much I’m happy to have you on my a platform my name is speaker to Z the man man is in general yeah I before go produc right Uganda the man Roa big

Up yourself Roa love you bro come in there in a little bit Yeah okay have to let you go keep liking keep subscribing if you love the message leave a message uh please share this message everyone that would love to hear these words watch them thank you so much bless all right


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