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Lil Mo Speaks On Battles With Opioid Addiction


Lil Mo the R&B sress recently Beed her soul on the don’t call me white girl podcast she offered a raw and unfiltered account of her harrowing struggle with opioid addiction a battle that was intricately woven into the fabric of an abusive relationship in a candid conversation from early December she delved into the

Depths of her addiction and the transformative Journey that led her to break free in late 2019 addiction is real because people don’t know you’re addicted lilmo began peeling back the layers of a hidden struggle that often goes unnoticed despite her public Persona she disclosed the financial toll of her addiction

Admitting to spending a staggering amount at least a grand a week all while ensuring everyone around her was taken care of it was a paradoxical existence where her outward generosity masked an internal battle moreover emo painted a vivid picture of her time in California where the glamour of the

Music scene was overshadowed by the darker reality of substance abuse when we touch down everything was laid out Coke pills syrup and I’ll get up there and sing and you’d never know and I literally burnt the out her Revelation highlights the stark contrast between the polished stage presence and

The private struggle that unfolded behind the scenes Lil Mo however the singer emphasized the deceptive nature of addiction explaining the only reason y’all knew I was on drugs was because I said it Lil Mo confronted the societal pressure to conceal vulnerabilities she shed light on the internal conflict of compromising one’s

Authenticity to meet external expectations she lamented that’s when it comes to the soft white underbelly where you think you have to lower who you are to meet people where they’re at it upsets me what I allowed moreover lilo’s Journey from the depths of addiction to sobriety serves as a powerful Narrative

Of resilience and self- Discovery by bravely sharing her story she not only unveils the hidden struggles that many face but also challenges the stigma surrounding Addiction in doing so she advocates for a more compassionate and understanding approach to those battling their demons she emphasized that beneath the Glamorous facade everyone has their own

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