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Lil Nas X Provokes Criticism with Christian themed Social Media Posts


Lil na X has remained firm in his pivot to Christian music but not all adherents of the faith are thrilled to have him in their space on Tuesday January 9th the Georgian native trolled his religious critics with a series of posts on social media among them was an altered

Admission letter to an Evangelical Christian school as well as a clip of him dressed as Jesus Christ while taking back-to-back shots of wine and chomping down communion crackers soon after professional boxer Ryan Garcia shared a pair of since deleted tweets about the above Antics writing Christian family where are you

As someone who loves God and is a Christian I find this one of the most disrespectful and disturbing things someone can do even if you aren’t Christian this isn’t okay I wouldn’t disrespect someone’s belief and I’m hurt and Furious at the same time more so hurt he added pray for Lil Na’s X

Although it may enrage Christians what he is doing we are called to pray for our adversaries so lift him up in prayer so he can see what he is actually doing love God with all your heart mind and soul love one another last month Tyrese

Also made it known that he’s not a fan of Lil Na’s X’s incoming Christian era which the rapper and singer has been promoting endlessly on social media yal gone learn to stop playing with God God is not to be played with from shoes with devil signs and devil’s blood in the

Shoe Soul he wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post by the shade room about the genre shift he went on we can all change I get it but I feel a way about people making a mockery about Jesus do you life your life do what makes you happy but y’all better

Stop playing with Jesus out here the above criticism was the result of the industry baby hitmaker’s early preview of an unreleased guitar driven track that finds him rocking straight hair while singing in the passenger seat of a truck father stretch my hands slash the Lonely Road seems to last the longest

Slash help me with my plans slash everything seems to go to Nowhere SL free me from worry slash free me from all this Endy in me he crun in the clip which he captioned y’all mind if I enter my Christian

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