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Tinashe Playfully Declares Drake’s Rich Baby Daddy as Her 2024 Theme Song


Tanashi has jokingly dubbed Drake’s Rich baby daddy her theme song of 2024 as she hopes to manifest exactly what the title suggests the two on singer shared her choice of theme music while talking to billboard on the red carpet of the Golden Globes on Sunday January 7th my

Theme song for 2024 is Rich baby daddy by Drake because I’m manifesting for myself a rich baby daddy Tanashi said not everyone is as big a fan of the Drake song like Tanashi as D1 recently spoke out against the record after seeing a viral video of a group of young

Girls dancing to it this ain’t cool man he said of the performance which has drawn both praise and criticism and this ain’t cute but the real question is what are we going to do about it it takes artists to make the music it takes fans to support the music

And it takes adults to figure out what they’re going to expose their kids to right he continued so first off off as fans you got to make sure you’re not supporting this and you’re not promoting this type of music matter of fact you really need to be vocal that you’re

Opposed to this if you really have a problem with it as artists we just got to decide when we want to stop being manipulated man he concluded and letting them use us as pawns the song also features sexy red and siza and the latter recently took

The time to break down her lyrics after acknowledging that her contribution to the song is not exactly easy to decipher y’ L Mao I was sick wa fever and couldn’t breathe when I recorded this and told at champagn poy no one would understand me and I sound crazy

She wrote he said new you are fine anyways here’s the lyrics to RBD once and for all the Lana singer then reposted the story to her Main feed along with a clarification of the lyrics to the track you been so good and you deserve to end your suffering I need

Good dick and conversation can you comfort me I got a feeling this is more than what we both say I got a feeling this is more than feelings she wrote I can’t let you get away feels good but it can’t be love ain’t a damn thing that I

Do ain’t a damn thing oh just in case LM love

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