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Lil Nas X Teases Industry Exposé in Upcoming Release; Faces Criticism Over Shift to Christian Era


In an Instagram post Lil nazak says he must watch his back as he plans to expose the industry next Friday the comments came as the artist prepares to release his first single since 2022 star Walkin which was produced as the official anthem for that Year’s League of Legends World

Championships furthermore the rapper is reportedly ramping up to a full album The sophomore would be a followup to 2021s Montero he has also previously spoken on entering his Christian ER furthermore he recently posted a Tik Tok about finding God after the industry tried to make me satanic this may foreshadow his goal of

Exposing the industry next week what do you think he is going to reveal next week let us know in the comments Lil NAX hits back at Christian era critics however not everyone has been a fan of the rappers proposed career shift I hate how the world successfully

Changed The Narrative of the call me by your name video y’all hate that I symbolically took ownership of the very play yall condemned gay people to so you flipped the script and convinced everyone that it’s about me mocking God Lil Naas wrote on social media later Lil

Naz X would refer to himself as God’s favorite while responding to additional hate about what he was planning despite all this the full extent of What Lil nazak is planning is still under wraps the primary critic of Lil Na’s announcement had been Tyrese the singer had taken issue with Lil Naas

Comments telling the young rapper to stop playing with God and accused Lil Naas of making a mockery of Jesus many of Tyrese’s fans agreed with him causing Lil NS to make his aforementioned statement however many people have objected to Lil nax’s choosing God especially as they see his sexuality as

Incompatible with being a good Christian

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