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Lil Nas X Teases New Music and Album in 2024, Despite Controversies


Lil NAX released his debut album Montero back in 2021 and he’s been pretty quiet since then by pop star standards but 2024 is looking to be a big year for the rapper and singer as he’s already begun sharing teases for what he has coming next last month he posted a snippet of

New music which saw him going in a very different stylistic direction he teased it as his Christian era which didn’t sit right with some of his critics some of the same voices who were upset when Lil NS used demonic imagery in the music video for his song Montero spoke up

Again but Lil NS fired back at critics and even had other artists like kid Cy and lrae coming to his defense he doubled down on making a joke out of the Back le earlier this week na shared a website he set up to once again tease a

New album coming soon the page poked fun at some of the Christian conspiracy theories that his critics have made about him over the years now he’s once again sharing details on on new music in a newly posted tweet Lil nozac self-directed music video When Lil NAX received backlash for his alleged

Christian era it wasn’t even the first time in the past few months that he found himself in hot water many critics once again took aim at the rapper for his bold Halloween costume he shared pictures to Instagram revealing his elaborate tampon costume many music fans men in particular had their own issues

With the outfit Lil n X’s most recent single star Walkin dropped last year the track was released in collaboration with the video game League of Legends it went on to be a surprise hit the song now has almost 400 million streams on Spotify what do you think of Lil nax’s

Writing and directing his own next music video do you think the rapper will drop a new album in 2024 let us know in the comment section below

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