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Barack Obama Reveals His Favorite Songs Of 2023


At this point everybody knows that former president Barack Obama is a big music fan he’s been sharing a summer playlist every year for quite a while now and they often have quite an interesting blend of tastes this year’s summer playlist featured plenty of hip-hop representation Jay hus and Drakes who

Told you I spice and Nicki Minaj’s Princess Diana and Dr Dre and two packs California Love headline the rap songs included 21 Savage baby face Ray and Nas also appear on songs from the playlist that’s in addition to Mega stars from other genres like siza Luke Combs peso pluma Janelle Monae bab boy

And many more now Barack Obama has shared yet another playlist this time revealing some of his favorite music of the entire year songs from bnab boy 21 Savage and peso pluma that appeared on the summer playlist are once again included here it also features Megan the stallion’s new newest single Cobra the

Former president has also been listening to Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar’s high-profile team up on the America has a Problem remix as usual the full list includes a variety of other tracks from different genres Barack Obama’s favorite songs of 2023 Elsewhere on Obama’s list are some of the biggest songs of the year it

Includes Zack Bryan and Casey Musgraves I remember everything one of the biggest country songs of the year which debuted at number one on the Hot 100 it also features Carol G and Shakira’s high-profile Latin trap crossover tqg there’s also a number of breakthrough hit songs from new artists

Like tyus water Victoria Monet on my mama and Teddy swims lose control in years past many fans have wondered whether Obama actually listens to the music on his playlists or not because of the variety of styles include many are skeptical about whether Obama himself actually assembles the playlist lists

What do you think of Barack Obama’s selections for his favorite songs of 2023 let us know which of his choices is your favorite in the comment section below

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