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Ludicrous has responded to critics who have continued to ask why the Fast and Furious franchise continues to put out sequels during a conversation with the all the smoke podcast this week the rapper and actor shared that he and the rest of the cast are constantly asked why they keep making more fast movies

That’s the dumbest question in the world I’m going to tell you why Luda told hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson because no matter what industry we’re in podcasts music movies it’s all about a bottom line it’s all about how much you spend compared to how much you make we’re making billions of dollars

Luda continued pointing to the franchise’s success spanning over two decades bro and I’m saying that like I’m giving you my heart I’m not trying to brag or nothing so when you say when some of y’all keep saying why the do y’all keep shooting these movies let me tell you why

Cause if you spend 200 million dollars and you make a billion who the is going to tell you to stop shooting the movies when you’re making 800 million dollars how I need people to stop asking that even if you don’t like the movies even if you don’t want to watch it stop

Asking that goddamn question the 45 year old concluded ludicrous candid commentary comes on the heels of news that the franchise’s leading man Vin Diesel is already planning the future of fast furious with a handful of spin-offs according to variety diesel recently revealed that fast furious spin-offs are

Already in the works including a female lead installment I started developing the female spin-off in 2017 with other spin-offs and the sooner I deliver the finale the sooner I can launch all the spin-offs earlier this year the fast furious films consisting of 12 Movies surpassed the 7 billion dollar Mark following the

Release of fast X the first of a two-part finale which made Universal the first Studio to exceed 1 billion dollars at the domestic box office in 2023 the staple stars of the franchise include Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez Jordana Brewster Ludacris Tyrese Gibson and the late Paul Walker to name a few

More recent additions have included the likes of cardi B Dwayne The Rock Johnson John Cena Charlize Theron Brie Larson and Jason Momoa on the music front Ludacris has said that his recent run of freestyles is his way of proving to the world that still got it when it comes to

The Rhymes despite his lack of output when I was young I feel like some of my favorite rappers once they get to a certain point it’s almost like you wish that they were still kind of hungry and you feel like they don’t have it necessarily like

They used to Luda said during a recent appearance on the Tamron Hall Show I never wanted to be that so it’s extremely important for me to prove to people that even though I’m doing all this other stuff make no mistake I still got it and I’m still as hungry

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