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T.I and Tiny Harris have come out on the losing end of their copyright lawsuit against Dollmaker MGA entertainment to the tune of 100 million dollars according to law 360 the pair who headed back to Federal Court earlier this month to battle it out with toymaker after accusing them of using the likeness of

Their OMG Girls pop group to create one of the Brand’s most popular doll collections have received their final verdict on Friday May 26th a California Federal jury found following a 10. day trial and only a few hours of deliberation the MGA entertainment’s OMG dolls did not infringe the trade dress

Or misappropriate the name likeness or identity of the OMG Girls pop group co-owned by the Atlanta rapper marking the end of a heated 100 million dollar legal battle that involved accusations of racism and extortion it’s horrible but whatever tiny told law 360 in response to the ruling meanwhile tip explained he’d like to

First hear what the jurors have to say before chiming in with his thoughts though he respects their verdict mga’s chief executive officer Isaac laryan claimed the verdict shows the case was a Shakedown and he feels great adding that he believes in the jury system I’m glad they came back with this

Verdict so fast in January tiny who formed the OMG girls in 2009 called out MGA for allegedly stealing the group’s likeness for its l.o.l surprise OMG Girls dolls T.I and Tiny claimed that MGA announced its plan to launch a line of dolls modeled after the OMG girls in 2010 but

Failed to secure a licensing agreement and allegedly refused to discuss compensation the dolls hit shelves in 2019 in a statement to billboard the toy company said they were disappointed with the mistrial outcome but that diversity has always remained at the core of their Creations diversity has always been a

Key value MGA said at the time we are disappointed that the trial was cut short but look forward to vindicating our rights in the next trial TIN Tiny had attempted to persuade a jury that the line of dolls were examples of both cultural appropriation and outright theft of the intellectual

Property and that the company attempted to steal the look of a group of young Multicultural women the suit featured side-by-side images that aimed to demonstrate how each doll was based on a particular member of OMG girls however this argument was blocked by Judge James V selna who ruled in one

Statement that allegations of cultural appropriation were immaterial and impertinent to the actual legal issues at play in the case and could not be made in front of jurors the initial suit was ultimately declared a mistrial after the toy maker argued cultural appropriation accusations had ruined the opportunity for a fair trial

The OMG Girls quartet ranged from ages 11 to 13 and included Tiny’s daughter zanique Pullins Lil Wayne’s daughter Reggie Carter and sisters Baja and Lord Rodriguez

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