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Lupe Fiasco may be an elite Lyricist but only one rapper makes him question himself Drake on Sunday June 25th Lupe vented hilariously on Twitter about Drake’s upper echelon lifestyle in a quote tweet from a viral video about Drake dissing ordinary people’s lives the rapper even noted that he makes him feel guilty

He makes me feel guilty for I didn’t even do and question the legitimacy of my actual responsibilities he joked on the music front earlier this month the rapper teased fans with some new music in the stash the Chicago native decided to bless fans by playing the new song in the midst of

A Twitter conversation after tweeting about how an Apple update would get him in the studio a fan responded by saying long as we get more music Lupe had the perfect reply a retweet with a video of the new Tunes though he only previewed 30 seconds the hard-hitting track

Includes a heavy violin presence and a catchy Cadence Lupe Fiasco’s last release was in April when he dropped a song in collaboration with chicago-based artist sent Rock who painted a piece inspired by Lupe’s lyrical brilliance scent Rock Maker helicopter off top slash pass the X to the Lost flock fops

Air full slash on the Ops and flu also look around slash because down ain’t the only bird’s eye view slash West Side 2 sky blue qiu Bible slash put bands in our hands like a I do Bridal he wraps in a triple entender even outside of the music world Lupe

Continues to level up in March the Chicago Rimer was named a Saybrook fellow at Yale University marking the lauded lyricist’s latest honor in the world of higher education proud to announce I’ve been chosen to be a sabrook fellow of my other favorite school in the whole wide world outside

Of MIT at Yale Lupe tweeted around that time shout to Tom near for nominating me to a place where Against All Odds two Chicagoans found a home in the ivy league

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