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TI has given major kudos to quavo and offset for putting their differences aside and reuniting for a memorable tribute performance for takeoff at the 2023 BET Awards in an Instagram video shared by BT on Monday June 26 the self-proclaimed King of the South greeted both Atlanta rap superstars with handshakes and a bright

Smile backstage at the awards show which was held in Los Angeles this past weekend love to see it you feel me love to see it T.I said upon encountering the Migos Duo I’m Anne great great that was Monumental this something they gonna talk about 10 years from now 20 years

From now keep pushing keep pushing man the pair seemed to receive tips words of Praise warmly as both cuevo and offset stopped to pay Keen attention to him throughout the hustle and bustle backstage quavo and offset appeared to squash their beef as they reunited for a special performance honoring their fallen Migos comrade

The rap Duo performed a medley of unconfused hotel lobby and Migos 2016 hit bad and bougie during a surprise set inside the Microsoft theater much to the Delight of the crowd takeoff’s vocals played throughout the performance as a white Spotlight paid tribute to him followed by an image of

The late rapper appearing on the screen behind quavo and offset other performers throughout the night included Lil Uzi vert The Sugarhill Gang Lotto E40 Trick Daddy chlorilla fatcho Ja Rule ice spice Master P coil array and many others the performance came a week after quavo and offset linked up on what would have

Been takeoff’s 29th birthday the pair attended a candlelight vigil in Atlanta on June 18 alongside takeoff’s friends and family happy birthday at earn takeoff can’t wait for days like this again Quaver wrote on Instagram best believe we going up all week the rocketway geeksu 29 Enga offset added

Happy birthday Rocket Man the greatest to touch a mic best Spirit ever purest man I know your heart was golden bring me peace brah we celebrate your life because you still right here I love you gang their reunion also came just months after quavo and offset was spotted

Sitting away from each other at an NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Portland Trailblazers in March less than two weeks before that quavo confirmed that Migos were no more on his solo song greatness during a recent interview with variety offset admitted that it’s difficult for

Him to discuss takeoff who was shot and killed outside a Houston bowling alley in November 2022. it’s hard for me to talk about right now he said I’ve never talked about this stuff seriously talking about take is hard man talking about all this is hard that’s why I don’t to be honest that

hurts like it’s gonna put me in a mood and I don’t want to get in that mood some things I don’t never tell nobody he’s not here that feels fake bro I get through my day thinking it’s fake and I don’t say nothing to nobody about it I

Think I need to take a break

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