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Manchester City vs Arsenal Preview: Probable Lineups, Prediction, Tactics, Team News & Key Stats


Hello guys uh welcome to my YouTube channel my name is tinta um hopefully you’re very okay and uh please subscribe to this channel as early as possible so that you get the latest in the fresh uh freshest information that is going around uh the world so today we’re gonna

Be talking about uh the Manchester uh Manchester City versus Arsenal preview all probable lineup and the predictions tactics and team news that is going on Arsenal will take on Manchester City in the fa uh fourth round with Michael ateta eager to draw a fast blood with Pep Guardiola this

Season Manchester City addressing with the mammoth FA Cup fourth round glass with Arsenal visit Etihad but Guardiola is he got to understand the working of the opponents before they meet them next month that Clash promises to be the game of the Premier League season for now the dollar

Will work hard to get uh results against Arsenal and move into the next round of the FA Cup and um they all they also enter this game high on confidence and momentum following their two Stellar victories in the Premier League uh the first game against Tottenham despite going towards down at

Our time as they returned to score four past Spurs last weekend Eric Holland Squad his fourth hat-trick of the season to uh down wolves Wanderers while Manchester City will come into this game as favorites on paper Miguel adeta will release his encounter to understand his most crucial opponent this season the

Arsenal boss will cherish the opportunity to deviate from the Premier League duties and test his side’s merits against the domestic Champions Arsenal have dispatched every other team they have met this season and will hope for a similar outcome in the cup competition Ghana’s dispatch of league league two

Side Oxford in the third round putting three pass they are lonely opponents so the team news when it comes to uh uh Manchester City Pep Guardiola is often unreadable regarding team selection although he should uh he could have field a solid 11 to face Arsenal he

Will take his lineup some of the players need a start in the game moreover they could be a records of Kyle Walker and The barnable Silva who are on the bench against wolves Guardiola could revert to a back four with Stefan Ortega likely to report a replace Edson Morales in Gold Kyle

Walker should start right at the back with Jason uh John stones and Manuel akanji forming the central uh Central defensive partnership Sergio Gomez made starts at the left back Guardiola could utilize Kev Calvin fields in the holding Midfield role but he may prefer to start Rodrigo at a head of the international

England International so expect when you check on your screen that is the probable lineup That is going to start we expect Ortega Walker Stones akanji Gomez Silva Rodrigo gundegan maherez Alves and grillish so that is what we expecting a four three three lineup going to Arsenal uh Mike

Alteta uh confirmed the the there are no fresh injuries uh concerns after the win with Manchester United but the game represents an excellent opportunity for Arsenal’s boss to rotate his options however considering the importance of the game the manager will track his system somewhere to look keep some of

His stronger players the visit to Manchester meet later ateta used some of his recent acquisitions like Leonardo jacobo moreover Emil Smith Robert could also uh sit uh also get a run in the team after the attack recent return from injury there is a question of Max whether a

Data will made Honda start to Ruby holding if he decides against Street William Saliba could appear up with uh winky at the head of Arsenal defense so we expect a 433 uh probable lineup and um let me check let me try changing the lineup for Arsenal this is

The team lineup we are expecting uh to play with man city today Thomas party should keep his place in the Center Midfield with Fabio Valeri uh replacing Rena Shaka Martin or The God That should keep his place in the Midfield and the same goes to Eden Katia as the leading

Striker Smith will form a part of the front three so we are expecting Tana uh tomiyasu Saliba uh uh tienry or the guard party Vieira and rosad and Katia plus Smith Rowe some of the key stats issued um you should know when uh heading this game Manchester City have warned all

Over the last 13 matches against Arsenal in all competitions Manchester City have scored at least two goals in the sixth of their last seven home games against Arsenal in all competitions Manchester City have kept a clean sheet in their last three home games against Arsenal in our competitions Arsenal have played

Manchester City five times previously the FA Cup winning the last four and losing just one including the fourth coming Manchester match Arsenal played only one of their last 10 cup ties so expected two when it comes to my prediction I’m expecting a 2-1 Man City to Arsenal one the Home Advantage may

Play a massive role in the outcome of this result until now Arsenal have proven they are meant to by showcasing the the best team in the country with Manchester City coming close second Manchester City indeed have a strong on the spot at their disposal with Pep Guardiola expected protect his options

As smartly the and on the hand on the other hand Michel ateta will have to do with his options and many gamble away with his selections Manchester City will use the home advantage of their benefit and narrow settle with his Clash so this is uh the probable lineup we should expect for

This match and um and we’re expecting a lot when it comes to Arsenal’s match and uh Man City so tell me what you think of this match below is the comment section please leave your comment and we shall start from there subscribe to this channel my name is tinta thank you so much

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