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Pusha T Fires Back After Claims He Betrayed Kanye West


Thank you hello guys thank you for watching our YouTube channel this is Sean today lace hair how Pusha tea fires back after consequence Kanye West Pusha T hide some words for consequence after he claimed he abandoned Kanye West during a crisis on Friday King push shared a cryptic message on his

Instagram story quoting a passage from 1st Corinthians 6 7 in the Bible suffer yourself to be defrauded hear it seemingly it’s suggesting that consequence is being misled by a push who stripped down as president of g-o-od music has distanced himself from me in the wake of his hateful comments it is

Def it has definitely affected me it has been disappointing Paul told the Los Angeles Times last year as a black man in America there is no room for biography or hate speech so yeah it has been very disappointing let’s talk straight he also turned XXL that he no

Longer speaks to him he is not speaking to me now if you ain’t with it you ain’t down said and I ain’t with it I’m not budging on that I’m not with it however consequence saw it as obituary in a in an interview with the art of dialogue

Con slammed Pusha and said he was disgusted by his actions that’s where I’m disgusted where somebody who wasn’t there from this church comes along he said when he is in a situation that he took himself into he got to be responsible for that one so we’re not gonna stick together

He also claimed that Pusha did not resign from g-o-od music the whole old music president sheet that scap he said just say you mad about the 2002 party in Chicago when he ain’t let you go on stage consequence believes that Pusha has molarity to Pharaoh than ye who

Produced half of his Grammy nominated album it’s almost dry my man he in a crisis and near us is art said consequence I ain’t the only near that good to check with you I’m the only near who say something though they may communicate and find result to that

Situation but as it stands I don’t with that because I expect more out of push it that has been today I mentioned don’t forget to comment and like Please Subscribe those who haven’t subscribed yet thank you for watching

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