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Mariah Carey Faces Breakup Rumors After Touring Without Her Boyfriend


December is normally a pretty good time of the year to be Mariah Carey she’s one of the signature Christmas performers in all of music and proves it year after year her Christmas Classic All I want for Christmas is you return to the number one spot on the Hot 100 this year

As it is almost every year since 2019 she’s already embarked on her Merry Christmas one and all tour playing some Christmas classics for fans in a variety of cities consequently it’s actually that tour that’s informing new rumors about her relationship according to people she’s traveling without her boyfriend of seven years Brian

Tanaka fans are used to seeing him around on holiday tours year after year so much so that they’ve taken notice of his absence according to people Carrie is planning on spending her Christmas time in Aspen Colorado without Tanaka which is also highly unusual for her they can’t confirm that a split has happened

But there have certainly been signs grabbing fan Intrigue Mariah Cary breakup rumors breakup rumors have been swirling for plenty of celebs recently rapper Joey Badass and his girlfriend Sera were subject to them over the weekend but what some interpreted as a date with a fellow songwriter turned out to just be purely

For the sake of musical collaboration the bigger rumors are the ones that have followed cardi B and offset the pair initially unfollowed each other on Instagram their time apart C appears to be getting more serious in an Instagram live addressing what was going on cardi B described herself as

Single which came as a shock to fans additionally things won’t get any easier for the pair going forward they are both booked for New Year’s Eve shows at the same location in just a few weeks what do you think of the rumor swirling around Mariah Care’s potential breakup

With her boyfriend of 7 years let us know in the comment section below

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