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Cardi B Claims That Country Music Is Taking Over The Charts


The music industry is a complicated place where sometimes even artists themselves can’t tell why something succeeds or fails but during a recent Instagram live cardi bet tried her best to explain a recent Trend she noticed in the music industry what she’s trying to identify is why country music is more

Popular than ever and there’s some evidence to back up her claims for much of the first half of 20123 the billboard 200 was dominated by Morgan wallen’s album one thing at a time throughout that same time frame wallin’s song last night led the Hot 100 for months on its

Way to becoming the biggest hit of 2023 cardi B thinks she has an explanation for why it’s happening in the clip from her live stream she theorizes that middle American country music listeners she claims they’re switching from buying CDs to buying music from digital platforms there’s certainly some

Evidence to back up her claims as well two country hits from this year Jason alin’s tried that in a small town and Oliver Anthony’s rich men north of Richmond rose up the charts with a disproportionate amount of their sales coming from purchases rather than streams cardi B on country music’s

Popularity cardi B’s Instagram lives have been a place for piping hot tea in recent weeks that comes as she’s dealt with numerous public dramas the biggest is her alleged separation from her husband and former Migos rapper offset the story turned from just rumors into a full-blown Scandal when cardi went on her Instagram

Live last week during the stream she described herself as single the claim sent fans into a full-blown frenzy of trying to dissect exactly what happened and when the cardi B and offset drama doesn’t appear to be reaching any kind of conclusion either they’ve continued to face even more rumors about their

Potential long-term plans earlier this week the pair were both announced as performers for new Years Eve parties taking place at the same venue that sparked even more debate from fans as to where the two stand at this time what do you think of cardi B’s claims that country listeners switching from CDs to

Digital purchases explains the rise of country music on the charts let us know in the comment section below

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