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Metro Boomin Talks About His Favorite Music From Kanye West And Kendrick Lamar


Rappers being big fans of each other is nothing new for the genre and it’s unsurprisingly the case with Metro boomman the super producer took to Twitter recently to discuss various matters with fans as he’s often known to do that led to fans asking him some questions about his favorite music from

Various collaborators and fellow artists as it turns out Metro is as big of a rap fan as he is a contributor the first name to come up was Kanye West after answering that Dr Dre’s 2001 is an album he recommends to fans somebody asked him what his favorite Kanye album is between College

Dropout and graduation he responded at first but two albums weren’t even enough as he posted a follow-up tweet 88 and late registration are right there in the fight with them too though he replied rounding out Kanye’s first four albums just like he enjoys Kanye’s older music he also loves some classic

Kendrick when somebody asked him his favorite K do track Metro replied with the section 80 deep cut the spiteful chant Metro boomman on his favorite rap music all year Metro boomman has been using his social media to tease an upcoming collaborative album with future he spent quite a bit of time hyping the

Project up which unsurprisingly had fans begging for it sooner rather than later but the producer posted so many teases of the album without much of any news or actual updates that it became somewhat of a joke among his fans the joke became so ubiquitous that Metro himself leaned

Into it he shared a picture to Twitter earlier this month of himself playing the new Spider-Man game in the caption he joked that he can’t finish the future collab album until he finishes the game which has quite a bit of content within it what do you think of Metro boom’s

Choices for his favorite Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar music let us know in the comment section below

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