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MC Lyte Causes Controversy After Old Lyrics About Age Gaps Resurface


MC light is one of Hip Hop’s Premier Legends and few fmc’s have reached her level of Acclaim and influence since however as every other rapper Under the Sun her lyrics especially early ones often fell under much scrutiny with differing or shifting societal standards of what can and can’t

Appear in a rap song to explain Ray Daniels of the culture Report podcast recently brought up lines from the New York rappers 1991 cut too young for what which she released when she was 1 years of age in them she makes some worrisome remarks on the age gap between her and a

Potential male partner it may sound nasty and it may sound mean but I’m into little boys that are about 17 the 53-year-old wrapped back in the day I don’t know why but they put up a fight and hot damn that excites the MC light I

Got to ask why are we not up in arms about the MC light line ray Daniels inquired about these lines when asked what to do about them the host said that folks should hold her to the same standards of in his words the likes of Bill Cosby and Russell Simmons I want

The same thing everyone else got I want the same anger and the same Vigor and the same grooming that they talked about I want the same anger for this he expressed Ray Daniels questions MC Lights Old lyrics Listen of course this prompted a lot of debate on social media

Surrounding double standards and how serious ly folks should take lyrics like these some defended MC Lights bu young age when writing these lines whereas others believe that folks don’t make these excuses for men what many did agree on is that these lyrics aged quite poorly still for bars don’t invalidate

Decades of hard work and the light as a rock artist is still a leading figure for hip-hop these days meanwhile it will be interesting to see if she responds to this discussion or her lyrics in any way a lot changed since 1991 including the wider acceptance of rap by

Society with that Evolution came more perspectives than ever ones that we must continually learn from to understand why bars like these aged as such for more news and the latest updates on MC

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