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Metro Boomin Teases Future Collab Project Amid Drake Feud


We were blessed with several highly anticipated albums this year but future and Metro boomen are still holding out on their upcoming joint effort over the past few months Metro boomman has been heavily teasing the forthcoming Project without sharing any concrete dates however it’s looking like he has a

2024 release date in mind the St Louis producer hit social media this week with a photo alongside his maskoff collaborator captioning the post coming soon fans have been helpful to see this album considering their General track record together Metro played Major roles on projects like monster and DS2 while

Also contributing to Futures later albums recently the two collided on All The Way live Spider-Man across the spider verse Foot Lil Uzi ver from Metro boomman soundtrack for the latest Spider-Man movie prior to that Future made his presence felt heavily on superhero with Chris Brown I can’t save

You interlude foot Don Tolliver lock on me with Travis Scott from heroes and villains Metro boomman and Drake trade shots Metro’s latest comments arrived shortly after he and Drake seemingly took shots at each other it began when Metro appeared to dis Drake and 21 Savages her loss an album he produced on

Because he continued to win at major award shows yet her loss still keeps winning rap album of the year over hnv proof that award shows are just politics and not for me Metro said in a since deleted tweet IDC about Awards honestly the true award and reward is knowing that the

Music I spends so much time on brings joy to people’s everyday lives Drake appeared to respond over the weekend during a live stream as he held the cheers on camera he took shots at unnamed tweet Tanda leaders which many presumed to be about Metro boomman including the producer

Himself in response Metro shared a clip from sketch comedy group RDC world showcasing four men who dawned in Country Club attire and sporting straight wigs in the clip amidst laughter one of the men humorously advises hold on Jamal don’t pull out the nine hopefully the rift between Drake

And Metro Boomin has no impact on the latter’s upcoming project with future

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