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Young Thug’s Dad Calls Out Lil Baby For Gunna Diss


Young Thug’s father Jeffrey Williams Senior says that Lil baby needs to stop speaking on Ghana and the YSL trial because he has no idea what he’s talking about William Senor discussed the case during a new interview with Infamous Sylvia on YouTube he need to shut the f

Asterisk asterisk K up cuz he don’t know what’s going on he said you know he’s going off what he heard ask Lil Baby have he ever came to a court date that’s what I want y’all to ask these God asterisk MN ERS and these bloggers with this whole snitch sh asteris te Young

Thug and Gana attend Lil baby’s ice ball Lil baby’s ice ball Atlanta Georgia December 3rd Young Thug Nei and Gana attend Lil baby’s ice ball on December 3rd 2020 in Atlanta Georgia photo by Prince williams/ wireimage baby is among a host of other rappers who have dissed Ghana on social

Media since he took a plea deal in the case most recently baby appeared to throw shade at his former collaborator on the song 350 by rapping I know one day it’s gone hit me bro ain’t never coming back SL ain’t never say nothing about it and asterisk asterisk asterisk

A you know you a rat Young Thug’s dad on Lil Baby William senior’s comments come after judge Ural Glanville postponed the trial due to the stabbing of one of Thug’s other codefendants let me go ahead and tell you where we are judge glandel announced to the jury earlier this month remember

Yesterday we recessed because one of our participants had a medical issues and I was telling you about that well unfortunately that medical condition still exists given the length of time that we will probably address that it might be just more prudent to recess you an early recess instead of recessing you this

Friday as the Court’s plan was originally I’m going to recess you for the holidays today the trial will resume on January 2nd 2024 be on the lookout for further updates on Young Thug’s trial

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