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Nick Grant Advocates for the Resurgence of Lyricism in Hip Hop, Emphasizing Mentorship


Nick gramp believes that lyricism is still alive and well in Hip Hop but has said that it’s not necessarily getting the push that it needs The Talented Wordsmith recently sat down with hipop DX to promote his latest album Sunday dinner where he was asked about fabulous recent sentiments that top tier lyricism

Is hard to find in hip-hop today while he agreed Nick named a few newer artists he has his eyes on and noted that they need to be ushered in by bigger artists to get the shine they deserve we got a just stop hiring people that love the trolling that love all the negative

Stuff that just comes with it and people that just love the microwave he told DX we got to get back to actually living and breathing the culture the artists as well too he then highlighted some of the rising Talent he thinks people should be paying attention to it’s a lot of

Different Young Artists the Marcus Clays the Ruben Vincent of the world we got to push that I’ve been here for a minute now but these guys are younger for Nick Grant he believes that in order for the majority of new talent to succeed they need to be ushered in by bigger Stars

Much like Lil Wayne did Drake Jay-Z did Jay Cole Rick Ross did whale and Kanye West did with multiple Stars such as kid cdy big Shawn and SII the prince it’s tough when I say this and I always get pushed back but lyricism is a an old boys club he

Explained I feel like you got to be ushered in I feel like the J Kohl’s the Drakes these guys were ushered in by Jay-Z and Lil Wayne that’s how I feel about it if these guys that we know and love say you got it we believe them we

Trust them even Kanye came and bya Jay-Z I get a lot of push back from that like no it doesn’t matter but I feel like it matters Fabs aforementioned comments arrived on an episode of Rap City beyond the basement in the fall when the conversation turned to lyricism in today’s rap music

I think it’s still here in a sense it’s just not always pushed to the Forefront he said about lyricism and rap I think people need to hear lyrics that push them that Inspire them create memories too they need those every song can’t just be party turn up you need something

That gives you balance big tiger responded before Fab added we’re getting lyricism in little spurts he referenced an earlier part of the conversation where the panel members tiger Fab bowwow Kenny Burns and DJ jelly spoke about what’s getting pushed and who’s pushing it and that those decisions account for why lyrical

Rappers don’t always get the biggest commercial looks but I believe lyricism is here and I believe even now the audience has the power to research it Fab concluded they could search online they could find those

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