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Nicki Minaj Addresses DJ Envy, Disses Him For Alleged Real Estate Scam


Nicki Minaj is someone who has a lengthy list of enemies overall some of this has been self-inflicted however there are quite a few out there who just hate blindly if you were to go on social media you would see Wars between the barbs and her

Antis for those who may not know an anti is stand Twitter speak for someone who is against a particular artist the barbs feel like there are coordinated attacks to take down Nikki and that is something that has always been a point of content recently Nikki claimed that billboard

Might be trying to take sales away from her of course this United the barbs who are doing everything they can to get her numbers up furthermore Minaj also went after none other than DJ eny of The Breakfast Club Envy had previously said he doesn’t play Minaj’s music on the

Radio Nikki took that as her being blackballed and she had something to say about it she even took a swipe at a pending legal situation that allegedly involved Envy Nicki Minaj had time last night remember how cocky DJ NB was when he was saying he blackballs my music on the radio

Nikki asked ask yourself how a DJ could get away with that behavior then I remember him selling them busted houses and I have to laugh we prayed eny one by one God will show y’all that you are not God for those who don’t know Envy has been implicated in the Caesar Pina real

Estate fraud case although eny says he was a victim there are some other victims who allege he was complicit in the whole thing whether or not eny decides to respond to this remains to be seen no matter what it is clear that Minaj is showing very little Mercy to

Those who have runed her in the past let us know what you think of her tactics in the comments section below additionally stay tuned to hnhh for more news and updates from around the music world we will continue to keep you informed on your faite artists and their upcoming releases

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