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Nicki Minaj Refuses To Clear New Body Verse For Kanye West


It looks like we might end up waiting a while for the long- awaited arrival of Kanye West and taala doarian vultures especially since people such as Nicki Minaj only received notifications about clearing samples and verses last night if you recall a song called new body emerged during the now scrap Jandy era Y

And Nikki came through with easily one of their best collaborations since monster though it required several rewrites and while Nikki at one point urged you to release the song in its entirety she doesn’t seem too keen on dropping the record right now a screenshot of an incredibly polite text

Message from y to Nikki surfaced online reading hi it’s G may I call you about clearing new body on my album The Clock Was ticking ahead of the album’s supposed release even though the pre-save on Apple music disappeared hours before vultures was scheduled to drop on dsps additionally ye already

Previewed the song earlier in the week during the vultures Raven Miami so naturally fans have been under the impression that there would be an official release Nikki responds to Y unfortunately that might not be the case Nikki later hopped on Instagram live where she got a few things off of her

Chest including the issues with he over the song according to her it’s a little too late to be releasing a song they recorded years ago now regarding Kanye Chile that train has left the station she said okay no disrespect in any way I just put out a brand new album why would

I put out a song that’s been out for 3 years come on guys so it looks like we unfortunately won’t be hearing new body in its entirety when Kanye and tid doala sign release vultures however Thursday night’s listening party seemingly unveiled a new track list entirely with even more

Features including Lil Wayne future and Playboy cardi on the topic of cardi ye also contributed production to the Atlant rappers new single 2024 check out Nikki’s responsib

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