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Nicki Minaj Leaves Kai Cenat’s Mom & Sister Starstruck


The only people who are bigger Nicki Minaj fans than kais andit right now are his mother and sister moreover they met her for the first time during his stream with the rapper and he surprised them with her presence to Wholesome results they both shed joyful tears embracing

The Trinidadian MC and having a lot of fun with her on stream as they chopped it up danced and had a lot of fun the twitch Giants twin Kaa is a massive Barb and following Nikki’s birthday wishes to both of them she was even more grateful

Ka penned a sweet message for her fave on Instagram where do I begin Ka began her caption alongside a picture of her with Nicki Minaj words can’t even explain the love I will always have for you I was 7 years old when I first listened to you the first album I fell

In love with was the first Pink Friday album I prayed dreamed and hoped for this day to come you’ve been through so much for 15 plus years and worked so so hard Nicki Minaj meets kaisen its mother and twin sister watch you are the number one and only female rapper in my eyes

Kayak continued thank you for keeping your promise thank you for listening and supporting to barbs Nikki we love you and will never stop defending you you are beautiful your spirit is unmatched and body is tea you could have been anywhere else in this world and you made sure you

Supported me and my family this was my moment for life this was my full circle moment fans react to the Meetup plus ka’s message most of all I want to give a special thanks to my amazing twin brother at kaiset her message concluded we grew up talking about this

Moment and you brought my dreams to reality I still can’t even believe I was given this opportunity I love you so much thank you for always taking care of the family and giving me this opportunity of meeting the generous Queen for more news and the latest updates on kaisen it and Nikki Minaj

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