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Gunna Wows Dubai With Exciting Performance, Kills His Top Off Rendition


Donna is taking his talents overseas and his first of two Dubai performances this weekend was quite the show moreover he performed at the Coca-Cola Arena on Saturday December 16th and will also perform on Sunday December 17th to open the Desert Resort blue Oasis as such the former YSL affiliate

Has a lot to look forward to in the United Arab Emirates and other parts of the world in fact it’s very heartening to see him Del into other genres and scenes that weren’t within his Atlanta trap wheelhouse for example SARS and asaki recently brought the College Park native on for an affr cut

Happiness furthermore following his comeback album this year after his YSL Rico trial controversies seeing him switch his style up has ranged from surprisingly great to mildly entertaining at least in this writer’s opinion more genres World influences travel experiences and just general growth as a person will surely yield a

Lot of Happiness greatness and success for Ghana after all his current space in the rap game although still established and unwavering seems destined for conflict Lil Baby turned against his former partner like many other MC’s and while they’d rather see wna fall it’s clear that he won’t let any narrative

Stop him on his journey Gana performs top off in Dubai watch regardless of all that Ghana remains as compelling of a performer as ever running through verses with methodical pace and making sure every word is felt beyond that it seems like he’s going to take things pretty

Chill this holiday season out of the many people in the 30-year-old’s life with which he will celebrate it one specific new addition to his Circle has fans particularly interested he recently threw P litty his new boo a fun birthday shindig and we’re happy that he has someone making his

Wish come true this winter meanwhile the drip season hitmaker was almost an car crash recently and he took it as a sign to update us on new music apparently we might get new material sooner than we think do you think there’s another Hit album from him coming up in

2024 let us know in the comments and check back

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