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Nicki Minaj Responds to Wack 100’s Claims About Record Breaking Status


Nicki Minaj has seemingly responded to wack 100 claiming she’s not a record-breaking artist barbs did we break any records Nikki posted on X on January 6th wack had been defending cardi B saying she was a bigger artist than Nikki and had been for the past 2

To 3 years it was a not of take that a lot of people agreed with Nikki is on her fifth album cardi doesn’t even have a second one her team set her up every time this is why she’s scared to drop now she doesn’t compete where she doesn’t

Compare one person argued Pink Friday 2 debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 giving Nikki the most number one albums amongst female rappers 14 tracks from the album also debuted on the singles chart however the album only spent one week at number one before being dethroned by 1989 Taylor’s version

Furthermore the album set a 2023 record for an album debut by a female rapper on Spotify while wack is entitled to his dislike of Nikki it’s objectively untrue to say that she doesn’t have records to her name wack 100 announc his new reality show however away from his various beefs

Wack has been working on some new creative projects wack 100 revealed to Vlad TV that he is producing a new reality TV show called The Girls Club notably the show will notably feature 12 transgender contestants the show will air on the Tronics Network at Zeus Style Network that is a joint

Venture between wack and Ray J wack called the show crazy and said that the production of the show involved 17 shots being emptied in the parking lot furthermore he said the shooting incident involved the transgenders being jumped by the gays he also spoke at length about incredible diapers an adult

Diaper Venture he is running additionally his hope is to get the product on Amazon and on the shelves of Walmart furthermore wack called the company the only black diaper company in the universe additionally he said that he was working with the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to

Construct a $200 million manufacturing plant in the African nation

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