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Offset’s Birthday Celebration Reduces Cardi B To Tears During Livestream


Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos thank you for watching cardi B was reduced to tears during an Instagram live session in which she discussed her relationship with offset and the recent scenes from the rapper birthday party he likes to play games with me he knows

That I’m at my house because he knows I am not doing my most I’ve been sparing you BTC haena your btca album is sht fking doing me dear Rudy after so many years that I helped your mother King a not even a fking thank you a clearly emotional

Cardi said the Rand came after TMZ reported on offset’s wild birthday party the former Migos rapper was seen surrounded by women and reportedly partied until 5:00 a.m. prior to her life stream cardi took to X formerly Twitter to address her husband mukas will try you when you’re at your lowest

And your most vulnerable time you out here feeling yourself but trust me the tables turn at at y RN u a BTC h n and trust me Emma F can take it there she wrote in a series of posts Charleston white shoots his shot with cardi B meanwhile controversial YouTuber

Charleston white took the now public separation of cardi and offset to try and get with cardi IFK with the Migos but I sure would like to go on a date with cardi B she’s fair game now why shouldn’t I go on a date with cardi

B cardi B can I take you out listen we can do a metaverse date you go to a restaurant I go to a restaurant White said on an Instagram live session however white was far from done trying to bag cardi I used to want 12 gold teeth for Christmas I don’t want 12

Gold teeth no more I want a 3-hour conversation with cardi B he continued cardi has not responded to White’s offer despite this she did indicate her plans for the upcoming year I want to start 2024 Fresh open I’m curious for a new life for a new beginning I’m excited she said earlier this

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