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Offset’s Tweet Grieving Takeoff Causes Cardi B Fans To Lash Out Even Harder


Considering 2023 is the first year he spent without his dear friend takeoff by his side offset has been making major moves in the industry of course there are times when he pushes paw to feel his emotions and mourn the Atlanta rappers untimely deaf but for the most part he’s been pouring

His energy into music culminating in his seted off project earlier this fall besides that body of work we’ve also seen the father of five spending plenty of time with his children and wife cardi B though trouble has been a foot for the couple in recent days amid rumors of him

Cheating on the Hustler’s actress offset spent his birthday without cardi instead he’s been surrounded by beautiful women and posting online as though no stress is plaguing him mentally naturally this is only infuriating his clout collaborator more after hearing the mother of tw’s incredibly vulnerable emotional Outburst

Her fans are doing the most to make sure set feels similar pain some of them take the low road by bringing up takeoffs name a move neither set nor quo approve of offset cheating allegations have social media users writing for cardi B fans using take off’s name in the middle of all this

Isn’t cool he tweeted over the weekend I’m still grieving my brother and would like for his name to not be brought up even with him setting this boundary the B gang remains Relentless yet you’re okay with your family bullying cardi even though you’re the one in the wrong man Get TF one

Person clapped back you grieving by cheating on your wife L maoo another laughed at the unflattering rumors elsewhere others argued that set shouldn’t even have to talk about his fallen family member this should never have to be addressed this world is hell they ranted at this time fans are still divided on

How sincere cardi B and offset are in their split we’ve seen the pair use similar tactics for promotion in the past however the former Migos member does have a history of being unfaithful to his wife as well read what his sister says about the situation at the link

Below and check back later for more hip hop poop culture news updates RP take

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