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Stefflon Don Gets Rolls Royce, Fans Think It Was From Her Ex Burna Boy


Stefon Don got a pretty big birthday surprise recently and it even had fans digging up some potential tea here moreover she recently got a new Rolls-Royce from a mystery man and seemed incredibly appreciative of it on social media deadly music video w/ vict Z New York drops Monday the run through

MC Road as the caption of a post briefly showing off the vehicle’s interior and to my man thank you to my man I loves you w heart covered smile Emoji red heart emoji of course this begs the question for many fans online who is this secret

Admirer of hers and when are we going to find out who it is furthermore many fans theorized that this could have been a gift from her ex bur a boy the two broke up sometime in 2022 and since then he has been romantically linked to Jada Kingdom however this didn’t stop fans

From immediately assuming that the afrit artist could have spun the block and gone back to Stefon Dawn at some point it’s important to note that by any metric possible there’s no real proof of this being the case but since when have folks turned down spicy narratives steflon Don Sparks burnaboy

Reconciliation rumors with new Rolls-Royce regardless we know that burnaboy in particular is no stranger to doing things his own way and ass shuing what’s typically accepted in society as such maybe it’s fans who also see this quality in him that are assuming he could have gifted steflon Dawn this Rolls-Royce

For example the Nigerian Superstar turned down a $5 million offer to perform in Dubai because the contractors wouldn’t let him smoke weed many folks blasted this Choice when it went viral online but you can’t deny that his resolve and commitment to his values became quite clear meanwhile the dawn

Caught some controversy earlier this year for Penning a letter in support of Tory Lanz that quickly vanished though as it became clear that not every letter came in an equally support of matter we’ll see whether we get any clarifications on this mystery man in the near future for

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