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One On One Interview With Radio Presenter Dimeteo Zion


All right ladies and gentlemen uh as I told you my name is t we doing the show here in Tanzania we are with the main man himself Tanzanian first and last radio presenter the brains behind most of the reg in Tanzania and he’s a radio presenter and TV host how are you doing

Um how’s Tanzania how’s the rec okay and first of all you’re welcome to Tanzania your first yeah my how do you see the weather and everything um it’s a bit rainy and be cold but also hot so it’s a mix yeah sure my name is from Tanzania

I’m doing and radio shows so feel good to have we days we trying to push the up yeah you’re welcome okay um let’s talk talk about the Regine in Tanzania looks like the regene in Tanzania is much p with the Bongo flavor the T theano how

Do you guys mind that all that noise yeah you know like you know T people they have a kind of culture to just to adapt everything comes from abroad like from Nigeria so the to catch up and to taste it but suppos to have our own music our own culture our own

IDE like Uganda see UGA people they don’t ENT so uh for the artist I think that they’re supposed to know what they’re supposed to to do like to okay um any artist that is doing Well artist are to yeah of course all of them trying to do good and Uh big Mr Big up to you big up to you so when it comes to inside Tanzania there are so many artists we have one of the good youth we have we have we have we have we Tanzania we have Mao and so many okay we we seeing very

Many artists from America artists from Jamaica artists from uh outside Tania that are you know coming in Tanzania bringing the spirit of and down how do you cope up with all that pressure and why are they interested even in Tanzania yeah I can say uh they do they do love

To come to Tanzania first I think because of the uh maybe the the culture you the way how we live


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