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Ja Morant Reflects On 25 Game Suspension


John Morant has reflected on his 25 game suspension for brandishing a firearm on live streams on multiple occasions earlier this year amid some wider comments Morant said there had been some horrible days however Morant accepted that simply returning to the Grizzlies wasn’t going to be enough for a lot of people I can’t

You know make nobody believe me outside of my actions so me answering this question with just words probably won’t mean nothing to nobody Moran told reporter on Friday Morant is expected to return next Tuesday against the Pelicans however Morant returns to a Grizzlies team in Dire Straits last year’s Western Conference

Second seed is 6- 17 and on a three-game losing streak their last win was against the even more hapless Detroit Pistons on December 6th whether Morant can help engineer a turnaround remains to be seen John Morant testifies to self-defense and assault case face however morant’s gun flashing suspension is not the only

Legal trouble that Morant is in Morant is facing a lawsuit over assaulting a 17-year-old boy at his home last year while testifying in court earlier this week Morant did not deny hitting the boy however morand argued that he hit him in self-defense after the boy threw a

Basketball at his face despite this the prosecution is pushing hard to punish Morant we’re in this court we’re not on a basketball court in this court we’re all equal nobody’s Above the Law an attorney for the prosecution said during opening arguments this remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as and

When they emerge Moran’s Fall From Grace has also been pinned on his father t t has been a major driving force in all of this he never made the NBA but this was his chance to live like he’s an NBA superstar that’s been a problem from the beginning an anonymous source told ESPN

While discussing what had driven Morant into such a compromising position

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