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Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello everyone that is watching us wherever you are my name is tin gracious from Uganda ladies and gentlemen I’m having the queen I’m having the Beast I’m having the head I’m having the one and only after I don’t know how many

Years I’m having her in person I’m talking to her how are you doing and please introduce yourself yes I I’m doing wonderful I’m lean show with raw Studio raw Studio America raw Studio Africa raw rou southeast Asia entertainment and I’m here glad to meet you brother glad to meet the queen

Hassle from the Royal root Studio we’ve been working with her for a long time you do you’re promoting reg music where do you get the Zeal to to promote every day to wake up and promote the artist you don’t know the Pres you know contact the presenters you’ve never even met

Where do you get this energy I get it when I when I see the joy in the eyes of an artist or here when you come and say oh that was fire I I love that interview them type of things that keep me going and keep me motivated and

Knowing that I got family here in Africa you know brother okay let’s let’s talk about the Royal Roots uh rug Festival you doing right now um why did you come up with this idea is it the first time um how many very many years are you going to do

It and uh is it ending in Tanzania alone or you’re going to move other African countries Oh no I got to come to Uganda brother we got to we got to make it happen in Uganda um it’s many countries right now we got some work going on in

Um the reason to open up regga music to give reggae music more more life back because we owe I owe a lot to Reg music reg music saved my life brother okay so so um it’s not just reg we promote we promote afro beat we promote um country

You come with a country I love country music so you come with country music I’m I’m going promote you too you know so it’s it’s about just giving um the artist an opportunity you know and also helping the community too as well okay let’s talk about the work you do helping

The community and also promoting those artist what what what is that criteria you use uh for an artist for you to work with an artist um all artists got to do link Ro Rich Studio and talk with one of us and we can just you know let them know how the

Business go and how we move it step by step so you know just take your time with it and hold a faith and don’t give up you know that’s that’s encouragement I okay before I let you go uh I really love first of all uh you know say hi to

Everyone that is you know been with you all this time and uh tell them that their work is being seen right now yes I yes I one thing for sure I want to bless up TIN number one with Metro FM also um tager TV also ktown radio um and many

Many many many more from Gambia to Ghana to um Kenya Koko Sabu to Nigeria to um ghetto you I mean brother I can go on Zambia prance I can go on Trinidad and Tobago I just got off the phone with Jamaica um doing the radio interview and

Things like that so I just want to bless up everybody Barack Allen Philippines where my base is so you know if I forgot to you know I love you okay thank you so much I’m having the lady from the royal ro Studio we in Tanzania we having fun

I’m seeing rers from you know the ones having the long beards the ones that are small the fat you know different colors why pass thank you te


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