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Lil Zay Osama Arrested For Gun Possession & Robbery


According to new reports Lil Osama has been arrested for gun possession and robbery unfortunately for him this is the latest in a series of arrests for similar charges ones that have plagued his life and career for a long time it’s important to note that much of this is

Due to the systemic conditions and circumstances that he faced while growing up in Chicago nevertheless the specific charges include theft of over $110,000 in stolen goods although the arrest report indicates that it doesn’t reach the $100,000 Mark in addition this document details the specific firearm charges that he faces furthermore authorities took

Custody of Lil Z AMA for possessing a loaded machine gun on his person and in the passenger compartment of his vehicle not only that but the report also suggests that he modified the gun in some way that left a defaced serial number it’s unclear what the aimed on S

Asterisk asterisk T rapper status or condition is as as well as whether he’d be able to bond or bail out surely within the coming days and weeks we should get new updates on this case and what other implications it could yield for him Lil Osama arrested back in October of last year

Lil AMA spoke on another arrest he faced and the circumstances behind his Escape of it I’m on a $1 million bail RN he wrote on Instagram I’mma beat this up like Rocky thanks to my lawyer at Dom Florio heart emoji we locked in 5 L it’s CR asterisk

Zy I thought people would say free me hoping I do better and wish the best y’all really in the comments and on blog saying 20 and 30 plus IA get and y’all hope I get time him dumb and Etc don’t believe everything you hear I’ve been

Out here I know how to move don’t believe everything you hear meanwhile these issues even prompted the 26-year-old to call for help from other famous rap figures perhaps he will do the same this time around and expose his situation publicly in more elaborate ways hopefully this is the last arrest and

One that marks the end of his legal troubles for more news and updates on lilos

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