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Pardison Fontaine Rings in 34th Birthday Amidst New Relationship and Future Ventures


We became accustomed to seeing partisan Fontaine and Megan the stallion loving all up on each other during their relationship their breakup was much less public than their PDA but as always fans eventually found out the tea that led the hot girl and her longtime boat to go

There separate ways H kubra Meg told the world about her ex’s infidelity which he’s since admitted to however on his the person this track party didn’t hold back when coming for the Houston native and her alleged lipo section toxic friendships and much more now that backlash from that has mostly died down

The hoop earrings hitmaker is celebrating his 34th birthday and looking forward to the future he Animan songstress Jada Kingdom look like they’re still going strong and she even gave him a sweet shout out on her story to commemorate the occasion happy birthday Papa the farm baddy wrote over

An NSFW image of Fontaine holding her in the air partisan Fontaine looks in love AF on his 34th bday beneath her sheer pants Kingdom’s Bodacious behind and large thigh tattoo are clearly visible many have expressed Envy over fontaine’s ability to bad baddy after bdy some of them arguing that dating the stallion

And his latest lover in the same lifetime simply isn’t fair we’re unsure what the multi-talent is planning for this next chapter of life but we’re curious to hear what other bars he’s been waiting to unleash in 2024 partisan Fontaine has put out some bangers on his own accord throughout his

Career but many people often forget the part he’s played in writing some of our favorite fanies biggest hits besides working with cardi B on backing it up the birthday boy also gave her be careful for her debut invasion of privacy album which remains in rotation

To this day read more about that at the link below and check back later for more Hip Hop Pop Culture news updates

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