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Quavo Surprises Fan Wearing Young Thug T Shirt On Stage in Dubai


Quavo has made headlines as he invited a fan on stage during a concert in Dubai while not an uncommon occurrence the fan was notable because he was wearing a young thug t-shirt quavo appeared on Thug’s album released earlier this year and has repeatedly called for thugs release quavo celebrated the fan shirt

Before letting him go back into the crowd quavo continues to be seen at and about following his very public split from cardi B while they did briefly unite for Christmas the pair are very much going separate ways things appear to have brewing for a while but really exploded right before Christmas he likes

To play games with me he knows that I’m at my house because he knows I am not doing my most I’ve been sparing you BTC ha ndga your BTC ha album is sht fking doing me dear die after so many years that I helped your mother King a not not

Even a afking thank you party said in a tearful live stream quavo steps out at unruly Fest however quavo has been making a wave of big appearances as of late he made a surprise appearance at unruly Fest in Jamaica stepping out with popcor for the letter set the crowd was

Understandably Overjoyed to see the former Migo’s rapper step out however not everyone was a fan of the appearance American artists always go to Jamaica and dress like it’s independence day but big up a new self one person said on Instagram however things got a little too unruly at unruly Fest as the cops

Pulled the plug on the festival early citing safety concerns according to senior police officers they hadn’t let the show run on an hour longer than the festival’s permit however popcon who also organizes unruly Fest had some harsh words for the cops in a statement about the ab shut down popcon said that

Things like shut were the reason that St Thomas couldn’t do better

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