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Playboi Carti and Travis Scott Tease Impending Collaboration, Drop Set for Tonight


Playboy card’s music is almost here with an early January drop in the cards and various singles coming out on non-streaming social media platforms moreover it seems like he didn’t want to waste any time in 2024 and is acting quite fast to get fans even more excited to do so the Atlanta

Native tapped one of the biggest artists working today someone with whom he crafted one of the biggest songs of 2023 the Fe n Love Hurts and green and purple Duo is back as he and Travis Scott are apparently dropping new music tonight Monday January 1st at 9:30 p.m.

Time zone unclear in a clip used to announce this presumably one of the whole lot of red stars on stage goon shouts out the good news furthermore This falls in line with previous hints of new music coming very soon from Playboy card’s producer f1lthy it seems like this confirms that was the case

Even if the timeline that he set out wasn’t exactly how how things ended up panning out still there’s a lot of excitement for the rage Pioneer to come through with another defining body of work and it’s unclear what styles or sounds he will champion on this teases

Like you are the moon 2024 and h00 buer sound less rage heavy and more ethereal or rooted in typical trap Travis Scott and Playboy cardi are dropping tonight of course this isn’t all that’s contributing to this album cycle after all even Playboy cardi has to play the extracurricular game in this case it

Relates to relationship rumors which are a bit concerning given his history with romantic trouble and alleged abuse and neglect in the past regardless when the 28-year-old and Camila Cabo were spotted on a FaceTime call people still went straight to the rumor mill to speculate it’s certainly a very

Different headline that were not used to seeing with his rollouts meanwhile the king bamp MCX igy aelia recently accused him of being an absent father again after he posted a clip of him with their son Onyx a lot of drama surfaced around this in 2023 and hopefully 2024 brings better

News regarding it but what fans know for sure is that this year is finally going to end the drought for new Playboy cardi for more news on him and the latest updates on Travis

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