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Playboi Carti Channels Early 2000s Smack DVD Style in New Video


Playboy cardi has dropped off a new clip soundtracked by Biggy Smalls and shot in the style of the popular Smack DVD series of the early 2000s shared on Instagram on Tuesday January 9th the Atlanta rapper looks the part with a red doag hanging out from

Under his hat as he shows off his belt buckle and rings from the back seat of a car as a rapper named baby boy reminiscent of the smack style the nighttime shoots only light is the light from the camera while the logo in the lower third plays on Smacks logo with

King smack the website does not actually exist sitting next to his friend sex’s death cardi or baby boy shouts at the camera seemingly emulating upand cominging rappers who appeared on smack get my Bel what what he yells yeah pretty boy I ain’t even got no haircut what’s happening and I’m

Here with my girl sex is death man you know what time it is future millionaires the video arrives just hours after newly surfaced footage of Playboy card’s 2022 speeding arrest clocks the rapper driving at over 130 mph YouTube channel rack rarest obtained body cam footage of the incident which

Occurred on September 21st 2022 and shows cardi being pulled over by the police for speeding in the footage a police officer can be heard ordering the rapper to turn off the car’s engine and place his hands outside of the window the officer then asks cardi why he was

Driving at 130 mph in a 55 mph zone to which he answers I’m rushing because I had an emergency the officer replied bro you were driving 133 mph in a 55 mph Zone cardi then attempts to explain by saying it was an emergency I got stuff going on with my

Family I live in Buckhead I’m trying to get somewhere the officer was not buying the excuse and orders cardi out of his Jeep before placing him under arrest this is the first time that the arrest has been known to the public although Playboy cardi was arrested 3 months later after being accused of

Choking his pregnant girlfriend in a statement to the police card’s then girlfriend said they were having an argument when the rapper grabbed her by her throat and pushed her into the bushes she also claimed two men who worked for cardi stood there and watched cardi real Nam Jordan Carter later

Released a statement through his attorney saying Mr Carter was falsely accused pursuant to my communications with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office this case will be dismissed without any prosecution or litigation Playboy cardi has yet to publicly comment on the speeding

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