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Sean Paul Urges Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom to End Public Feud and Set a Positive Example


Sha Paul isn’t happy with steflon Don and Jada Kingdom’s public bat and he’s now urged them to resolve their issues and lead by example on Wednesday January 10th the dance hall icon took to social media to address the beef between the two ladies who have been trading shots

Through their music over the past week idea we love this not one tall he wrote on Instagram women should be Warriors yes but for a cause you should lead the way morally for the bam men get heated you calm us down how can we calm down if

Y’all do and D too two beautiful black women live beta set a beta example please for the culture mauno for the kids for the younger females soon after the post went live the britty essay Trapper and singer hopped in the comments to set the record straight by writing it’s not that

Serious trust me just some fun laughing emoji the cud in question erupted when both women exchanged diss tracks with the impetus being burn a boy and their respective relationships with him earlier this week steflon Don declared Jada Kingdom at dead Gill walking in an Instagram post wherein she shared a

Photoshopped image of her adversary on what appears to be a funeral service flyer the image features the text funeral service tonight in loving memory of Jada Shanti Murphy we’re not sure what date she was born as this person doesn’t even and have a Wikipedia it also lists her death date

As January 10th 2024 and refers to her as a beloved sister daughter come bucket and victim steflon Don added in her caption dear Don friends and pagans if you are ready too attend Miss Jada ashot Murphy’s funeral tonight you must comment coffin Emoji 100K times additionally she premiered a fiery new

Dis Track aimed at Jada Kingdom called Dead Gill walking while her target has yet to respond to the song she did fire back at stefon’s funeral taunt by commenting ahu guh digar up wo crying face emojis 100K comments after you have D people demo wait will day LMFAO furthermore she called the

Birmingham native

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