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Playboi Carti Shares Drake DMs, Fans Beg And Plead For A Collab


Playboy cardi is someone who is constantly being very mysterious overall this has annoyed fans quite a bit they just want music however cardi has forced them to wait luckily it would appear as though the wait is actually almost over recently it was revealed that cardi would be dropping a new album in

January furthermore he came through with a track last weekend called you are the moon this was all good news and for fans the good news keep on rolling in for instance last night he dropped another new song called 2024 he is clearly going in a whole Direction with his next album and fans

Cannot wait to hear what he has in store for us this new track is getting R reviews and it is clear that fans are in for a real treat moving forward furthermore cardi took to Instagram and revealed that he sent Drake a message the two called each other twin with

Drake encouraging the artist to call him him he even gave cardi praise for the new track Playboy cardi is fully back subsequently this interaction began to make the rounds on Twitter and the supporters are already trying to get a collab from the two in the tweets below

You can see just how much excitement exists right now the excitement is contagious and we can just imagine how everyone is feeling right now cardi hasn’t dropped an album since 2020 and there was this sense that the new album would never come now however we are being proven

Wrong and we cannot wait for the new body of work to arrive fans react let us know what you think of the two new cardi tracks in the comments section below additionally stay tuned to for the latest news and updates from around the music world we will continue to keep you

Informed on your favorite artists and all of their upcoming releases there is a lot of great music on the horizon for next

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