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Tory Lanez Motions To Dismiss His Sentence Due To New Testimony & Childhood Trauma


Tory Lanz is seeking to vacate his 10-year sentence for shooting Megan the stallion according to new reports from Megan cunf the reasoning behind this legal filing stems from a new testimony on behalf of his driver and bodyguard jawin Smith who did not testify during his initial trial while he didn’t see

Who shot the gun he claimed to have seen the rapper and singer try to take the weapon away from Kelsey Harris before the shooting LZ and M Harris began struggling as Mr Peterson tried to unarm Miss Harris his statement filed this week reads I was still pulling Megan and

Did not see who shot the weapon not only that but the Canadian artist’s habous petition for resentencing also brings up other factors for one he wants the appet to take into account his childhood trauma in their assessment of his case as he also did with the sentencing judge

In addition Tor Lanz expressed that deportation should not have become part of this decision due to its discriminatory nature the specifics of these arguments remain unclear but these summaries offer some necessary context for what aspects he is dissatisfied with making cf’s update on Tor Lena’s appeal furthermore cunth

Indicated on her social media platforms and articles that authorities will consider Tory lanus petition along with his appell at brief however no one expects them to come to a conclusive decision on the matter for a couple of months given some logistic workarounds for example the three judge panel in

This appeal stated that they will consider the petition once they have the entire appell it which they haven’t filed yet as of writing this article it’s due December 26th so the defense still has time to prep it accordingly still we’re sure that the 31-year-old would rather move things

Along as fast as possible so he can get an answer meanwhile this follows his attacks against CF in a new promo video given how this whole casee has progressed since the jury decided on a verdict we’re sure that it won’t fully be over for years to come hopefully

We’re wrong though as everyone involved needs their time away from it to heal and move on with their lives for more news and the latest updates on Tory Lane

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