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Rick Ross Treats Rising Artist Cristina Mackey to Lavish Dubai Getaway


Rick Ross isn’t a man who’s known to settle into long-term romances instead the purple Lamborghini rapper has had a roster of pretty young things coming in and out of his life throughout his career many of the girls who catch roses I know that he’s not in

It for the long haul but they don’t mind so long as they get to reap the benefits of being his short-term lover while they’re ripe for the taking his latest relationship is with Rising artist Christina Macky who’s been all over his Instagram lately as the they celebrate

The holidays together Ross went all out by flying his partner to Dubai with him and continuing to spoil her after landing in the Middle East Macky has also been documenting their adventures together including exploring the sandy desert eating and drinking the finest food and alcohol and inventing a new

Secret handshake while showing off the city’s stunning views Rick Ross spoils Christina macki overseas not long before he and Christina made their relationship public the biggest boss was spending time with another public figure pretty V while her ex and the snake Vibe artist continued to flex in Dubai she’s making it clear

That she’s not concerning herself with anything from the past instead be is looking forward to the future where she hopes to SAR to new heights in her career and potentially lock down a new sugar daddy to take her shopping pretty b gets a few things off her chest posters a

Romance I’m actually feeling great I’m feeling blessed pretty B said ahead of the New Year I’m in Miami looking for a sugar daddy she teased in a high-pitched voice afterward the socialite reminded viewers to figure out their why ahead of 2024 while listing off some men in the

Industry who Inspire her have you figured out your purpose ahead of January 1st let us know in the comments and check back later for more hip hop /op culture news updates

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