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Blueface Ventures into Instagram Speed Dating, Seeking New Connections


The women blue face surrounds himself with do nothing but stress him out and as he approaches the new year it looks like the father of three is on the hunt for new potential lovers just a few weeks after krisan Rock and Jaden Alexis surprisingly came together to destroy his home blue made

It clear he’s back on the prow by shooting his shot with employees at a drive-thru ahead of the weekend the 26-year-old’s Antics only continued as he went on Instagram live in hopes of finding an ideal lover during a speed dating stream that certainly didn’t go to plan in the video below Blue’s first

Contestant talks to him after working a 12-hour shift for FedEx at first she’s too shy to turn her camera on admitting to feeling her heart pounding while speaking to the celebrity it’s me baby your dreams have come true this is not a drill this is the real thing the thiana rapper tells

Her as they laugh together around the 415 Mark of the video below a young woman tells blue she’s at school while showing off Lockers in a hallway ever the instigator he insisted that she was in a strip club locker room blueface gets to know fans on a more personal

Level as the second contestant shut down the mil music Founders allegations she began promoting her lash business blue clearly wasn’t having any of that and quickly moved on to finding another IG user on The Hunt For Love or at least entertainment it doesn’t seem like he’s

Had much luck this time around but we won’t be surprised to see him back for another round in the near future while blueface continues to antagonize his baby mam with his online Behavior krisan Rock clearly isn’t bothered as she’s getting plenty of attention too earlier this week the 23-year-old went live with

Multiple women hoping to hook up with her despite her obvious disinterest read more about that at the link below and check back later for more hip hop slop culture news updat

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