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Rihanna Admits She Didn’t Intend To Reveal Pregnancy At Super Bowl LVII


Rihanna says that she originally planned not to reveal her second pregnancy during the Super Bowl 57 halftime show in February but it was unavoidable speaking with Access Hollywood at the launch party for the Fenty X Puma creeper fatty Rihanna reflected on the iconic performance here’s the thing I did what

I had to do right she said my jumper couldn’t zip up no one knew I was pregnant I just told my stylist to make sure it’s stretchy so the underarm was was stretchy and this was baggy but you know the zip it just stopped right there

So it had to be what it had to be Rihanna attends Fenty X Puma launch party the choreographer for the show Paris Goble previously discussed how Rihanna’s pregnancy factored into the process during an interview with Good Morning America just days after the game Goble said that they originally planned

To have her in something baggy to hide the baby bump but when she showed up she was much farther along in the pregnancy than anyone realized she was going to maybe wear something baggy that didn’t really show and then leading up to the show we were just like oh she’s really showing Goble

Recalled check out Rihanna’s interview with Access Hollywood below Rihanna speaks about her kids elsewhere in the conversation Rihanna discussed her relationship with ASAP Rocky she admitted that seeing him become a father has been a major turn on I loved him differently as a Dad this is major major

Like it’s a turn on she said it’s just like wow what a leader what a great patient loving dad and my kids are obsessed with him I’m just a background I’m an extra yep it happens it doesn’t matter if it’s girls or boys they love their dad differently

And I love to see it be on the lookout for further update

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