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NBA YoungBoy House Arrest Modification Grant Will Hopefully Improve His Mental Health


After much failed petitioning over the past few years NBA young boys legal team finally secured him a legal win yesterday December 18th as XXL reports legal documents confirm that judge Shel d dick is permitting the 24-year-old to leave his home for medical appointments going forward previously ybe was restricted to

Receiving treatment on his Utah property after advocating for his crippling mental health he now has at least a few of his rights back the defendant is restricted to 24-Hour a day lockdown at his residence except for medical appointments and Court appearances or other activities specifically approved in advance by the defendants pre-trial

Supervision officer this week’s ruling States it’s still a win for the father of 11 however judge dick did deny him partaking in other activities related to his employment without first seeking Court approval back in November the court felt the same way about allowing young boy permission to leave his home

At all the United States fails to see how the defendant’s current conditions of pre-trial release prohibit him from seeking and obtaining mental health treatment assistant us attorney William K Morris said at the time NBA young boy grows restless in his Utah home the controversial star has been on house

Arrest since 2021 when he was taken into custody in his home state at the time police uncovered multiple guns and drugs on the set of a music video this landed can tril gden in a world of trouble with the authorities it hasn’t been easy but this time alone to reflect has certainly been

A maturing influence in his life NBA young boy is growing Restless in the walls of his beautiful home but thankfully there’s now light at the end of the tunnel for the louisisana native ahead of the holiday season he was finally given a trial date in his 2021

Federal gun case read when we can expect to see why being at the link below and check back later for more hip hop /op culture news updates

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