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Rihanna's New Wax Figure Stuns At Madame Tussauds Hong Kong


Earlier this week Madame tuso Hong Kong added yet another celebrity wax figure to its collection much to the Delight of Rihanna fans everywhere the museum teased R’s arrival last week prompting countless eager social media users to guess who whose wax figure was next their teaser included part of the orange jacket the

Hitmaker wor at her 2020 fendy popup launch at Bergdorf Goodman Rihanna is an incredibly captivating artist and through the introduction of her wax figure we aim to convey her spirit of constant breakthroughs and unwavering determination Mr Wade Chong general manager of Midway Hong Kong Merlin entertainments says of the reveal we

Hope that every guest visiting Madame tusos Hong Kong will create Unforgettable memories from their experience Madame tusos Hong Kong unveils rir wax figure fans agree that the artist behind the realistic figure nailed it capturing everything from her hair to her undoubtedly Fenty beauty makeup looked perfectly the figure is

Displayed in the Museum’s fashion Zone though she remains best known for her music listeners have yet to hear anything new on that front from the mother of two for some time her last ful length release being 2016’s anti fortunately it could be a short wait for those looking forward to new

Material from the songstress earlier this month she chatted with Entertainment Tonight giving supporters an update on when they might hear new music or catch her on tour well we’re always going to go back on tour she shared I feel like when there’s new music we already know what

That’s going to be with the songs that I performed my last tour that was a long time ago I feel like it’s only fair that my fans get what they’ve been waiting on which is new music after that let’s just like blow everything up what do you

Think of Rihanna’s new wax figure at Madame tuo’s Wax Museum in Hong Kong do you think the artist nailed it share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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