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Trina Defends Beyonce Praise, Insists She’s The Queen Of Rap


Earlier this week a snippet from Trina’s interview with hipop DX started to make its rounds sparking quite a bit of controversy in the clip she gives Beyonce a shout out for her contributions to female rap her claim certainly managed to raise some eyebrows but regardless she stands by what she

Said yeah Beyonce cuz she’s like the number one female rapper when she does rap Trina told the outlet it’s just one of those things like of course this is the Queen’s Beyonce but when you hear her do a song and it’s rapping involved it’s like oh my God like it just it’s

More inspiration and um I don’t know it’s just a Good Thing Man now after receiving plenty of backlash for her comments Trina has taken to Instagram to respond Trina responds to backlash for the dusty crusty funky be asterisk asterisk asterisk he’s in the back loudly speaking Emoji Beyonce is the

Queen of rap when she raps and all other genres of music a post on her instag stagram story reads now stay mad goofies I said what I said and N annb asteris GIS GIS Gage gone check me middle finger emoji carry on hot face emoji she didn’t

Stop there however the Miami native went on to share a grid post of Beyonce herself accompanied by a passionate caption I really don’t give a rats a asterisk asterisk how anybody feel I said what I said that’s the queen Bay and I’m going to stand she wrote Beyonce

Is the queen of rap when she raps and all genres of music when it comes to me double exclamation mark go argue with the IRS or somebody else IDC what do you think of Trina doubling down on her claims about Beyonce who do you think the queen of

Rap is share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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