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Shaq Sides With Giannis Antetokounmpo In Pacers Game Ball Dispute


Shaq has told TMZ that he is sided with jannis anmo in the debate over who should get the game ball from the Bucks recent game with the Pacers I think by the letter of the law if you’re playing at home you should get the ball in both circumstances but you know I think

Yannis had the right to be upset speaking as jannis hey we’re in Milwaukee I just made history I want the ball and you know he went after the ball Shaq explained tensions flared between Giannis and members of the Indiana Pacers after the Pacers seemingly took the game ball from Yannis

Record-breaking night a scuffle ensued in the corridor outside the visitors locker room as Giannis confronted Tyrese halberton amongst others this led to two versions of events Pacers head coach Rick Carlile said the team took the ball to Mark Oscar chiu’s first career points meanwhile jannis said he went looking

For the ball to Mark Damen Lillard moving into fifth place on the career three-pointers list however both Giannis and Carlile agreed that the confrontation was unfortunate Shaq speaks on Draymond Green suspension in the same interview with TMZ Shaq also touched on Draymond Green’s recent indefinite suspension Shaq has the outlet that he

Believes the appropriate suspension for Draymond Green after his ejection against the Suns is just two games I don’t think Draymond said hey I’m going to punch this guy just cuz he’s pulling my jersey Shaq said green is currently one game into an indefinite suspension for the NBA statement on the decision

The suspension takes into account Green’s repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts furthermore he will be required to meet certain league and team conditions before he returns to play The League added green received his 18th career ejection and third of the season for striking the sons Joseph nurk in the face with a spinning backhand

Early in the third quarter of Tuesday’s game many people have said that the punishment for green was too harsh grinning squinting face this fool is my favorite basketball basketball player WTF is wrong with him man shrugging medium skin tone that was a mistake I will apologize for him face with raised

Eyebrow come on it’s a physical game 50 Cent wrote on Instagram however the league has held firm in keeping green side blind for the time

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